What Are They?

Drones or UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are aircraft controlled by a pilot from the ground or the increasingly popular autonomously following a pre-programmed mission. While there are many type of drones, the main drones fall into one of three categories; surveillance and reconnaissance, armed and civilian.

Surveillance and reconnaissance drones are used mainly to scout a situation in the military. They are rapidly growing in use due to the convenience of being cheaper and safer. They can stay in the air for longer than a manned aircraft as well.

Drones are now being integrated into farming. Using them farmers can see if their irrigation system is working, how plants are growing and even see if a plant is sick. This can help them to make critical decisions about where and when to fertilise, plant or water.
Drones are also being used to help in disaster relief. They are being used as a means of dropping medication, water and food to disaster stricken areas as well as remote African villages.

Drones are being used by police departments for neighbourhood surveillance in hopes to bring down crime rates.

Other uses include capturing scenery, tracking endangered species and even the delivery of pizza and other goods. Very famously, last year Amazon.com (the electronic commerce company) announced their drone delivery service. o-AMAZON-DRONES-facebook